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The KERNE Project, was developed to provided user-friendly knowledge about Black History to the general public. The core structure of the KERNE Project is private, however the knowledge sharing is public. We encourage our community to participate with submitting some information to this site, so that we can continue to build and develop.

Services that the KERNE Project offers to the community:


Video Documentaries

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and more.



Explore the path of our Ancestors, through the timeline of our legacy.


Dive deeper into your sub-conscious and balance the spirit.


Join our online community and explore topics and make friends.


Learn more about natural remedies and natural hair care.


October 31, 2018

We are in our 3rd year with pushing the Dashiki Day on October 30th. Represent your Umoja by showcasing your beautiful dashimi garments!

October 23, 2018

Ethiopian lawmakers have authorized a ban on international adoptions amid concerns about mistreatment of children in foreign places. The approval arrived after a rare heated debate as some law officials worried that the East African nation doesn't have adequate child c...

October 23, 2018

On the brink of promoting his new album, Dime Lure as well as making time to let Kanye West know precisely how he feels about Kanye’s consult with President Trump; T.I. is also making time for what arguably not only the most critical move he could make but also probabl...