August 1956 -1971


COINTELPRO is (was) a government system designed to neutralize any civilian party, organization of figure that would cause disruption within the US system. This program was created by J. Egar Hoover. The operations of this program officially started in August 1956. It's main objective was to "increase factionalism, cause disruption and win defections." Methods used to achieve the organization's purpose was to generate deceit, distrust, disfranchise, mentally torture and the use of other terror tactics, to maintain order. 

Many of tactics used were mental torture methods to encourage individual leaders to want to commit suicide. Political cruelty.

Groups that were disrupted and/or sabotaged by this program included (and not limited to) Socialist Workers Party (1961), KKK (1964), Nation of Islam, Panther Party (1967), the entire New Left social/political movement and so on. The program was exposed in 1971.

Citizen's Commission to Investigate the FBI, under the ruling that the government organization was conducting activity which violated constitutional rights. The programs office was investigated in Media, Pennsylvania. And from there the program was dismantled.


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