Our Story

"Think Differently" Movement

First there was color, then there was Awareness of the Mind.

When you start to put pieces of the puzzle together, you realize the importance of developing the Mind. 

That realization formed the fundamentals of KERNE; which consists of a double meaning working in harmony:

  • Knowledge

  • Experience

  • Remembrance

  • Navigation

  • Expression

Originally, Kerne means "a band of Irish foot soldiers" but for the sake of our movement we have redefined this word to mean "a band of Black Soldiers" In other words, the KERNE Project is on the front line of this battle of remembrance.


L Ralliford | Founder, Editor and Artist

Learn more about L Ralliford on her Artist Portfolio site:

L Ralliford Studios

"I Got Tired of Searching Every Where for Everything Associated with Our Identities. So, I decided to build kernepedia"


~ L Ralliford

We had a message for our community and we were struggling to find a solid way to share our message...

Many movements throughout history has been about establishing a new era and winning balance from supremacists. Our movement has been more about the preservation of stories, thoughts, creativity, beliefs and community communication practices. Our goal has been to change the victors' story to be realistic, factual and balanced. Therefore, we thoroughly research the questions most don't ask.

This project was start on the foundation of a continuous concern, which was:


How can you move a community forward when the majority of the oppression is bound in the mind?

The KERNE project, was first started by Latoya back in 2015. At this time, the idea was to create some form of publication (newsletter) for the Black Feminist group, she was attending. She wanted to teach her peers about their history and story. The idea quickly changed into building a magazine, instead of a newsletter. Latoya worked aimlessly trying to recruit her peers to write. But unfortunately, no one else was as passionate about the project, as she was. By the summer of 2016, she partnered up with JB Sandman to study African Spirituality. 


It was as she was studying the concept of Spirituality, when Latoya realized that the only way to move forward was to create platforms designed to inspire our community to see the bigger picture and to see it from different angles. Therefore Latoya designed and built kernepedia. The first prototype was a blog on Blogger. In this first version of kernepedia, Latoya wanted to create an online resource to be able to reference back to history that she would discover. As she wrote her articles, she discovered, that the process of finding these sources, was tedious. Many of these sources, were written with bias or vanished or were missing important historical information. So, Latoya, kept building kernepedia and tweaking it, until the design became to big for a basic blog. While Latoya developed kernepedia, JB Sandman wrote articles on Spirituality and developed a small fan base for the project. 

"Both of us, JB & I, had a different perception about how to broaden the minds of our community. JB strongly felt that the key lay in teaching individuals on how to ascend through spiritual balance. On the other hand, I believed that enlightenment could only exist once an individual gained full awareness of their self. And that the only way to gain full awareness, is to fully understand your identity and the environment we exist in."  ~ L. Ralliford (4/8/17)

Shortly after launching kernepedia, JB Sandman left the project. However, the project was continued on by Latoya, who added new members to the association called the KERNE Group. 

The KERNE Group

What is the KERNE Group?

The KERNE Group is a group of individuals who have come together to educate our community. This group works together to support the KERNE Movement. Key members of this group consists of:

George - the Philosopher

Otis - the Photographer

Renee - the Artist

Latoya - the Chief

It was through the KERNE Group where kernepedia took on new aspects, such as videos, podcasts, art, and more. And, it was through the KERNE Group when KERNE Magazine was reestablished with a brand new look.