L Ralliford | Founder, Editor and Artist

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L Ralliford Studios

The KERNE Group

What is the KERNE Group?

The KERNE Group is a group of individuals who have come together to educate our community. This group works together to support the KERNE Movement. Key members of this group consists of:

George - the Philosopher

Otis - the Photographer

Renee - the Artist

Latoya - the Chief

It was through the KERNE Group where kernepedia took on new aspects, such as videos, podcasts, art, and more. And, it was through the KERNE Group when KERNE Magazine was reestablished with a brand new look.

"Then, the Community fell in love with KERNE and we knew we were on the right track..."

OUR Sponsors

Here is a special thanks to all of our sponsors for kernepedia and/or KERNE Magazine. You have helped us grow, and we sincerely are grateful.


Feel free to reach out to us with any questions, suggestions and concerns

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